4 Things To Know Before Moving To Michigan

As a local Michigan moving company, we are proud of where we come from. In order to show our appreciation for our home state and share some advice for new residents, Same Day Movers decided to highlight some useful information that individuals and families should know before moving!

  1.  It gets cold. Really, really cold. While individuals from other states are aware that Michigan has harsh winters, many still seem to be shocked while visiting during the winter. For those planning on moving to Michigan from a warmer state, it’s a good idea to move in the summertime if possible. Also, try to make sure that the home you choose is properly insulated and is laid out in a way that makes heating easier. Finally, don’t forget to take the house’s driveway and surrounding roads into consideration. Driveways with steep inclines can be dangerous and potentially impassable in the winter due to ice. Main roads are typically well cared for and maintained by the state, while others may not be taken care of as efficiently.
  2.  New residents need a Michigan drivers’ license. It’s required for new residents to apply for a Michigan license as soon as possible. These are typically valid for four years.
  3. Check out your insurance options before moving. Since many insurance policies, like auto insurance or home insurance, are affected by a wide variety of factors. Some of these factors include where you live, how safe of a community your house is in, if you have added security features, and many more. So, it may be a good idea to look into your insurance options before deciding on where you will live, what type of car you will buy, etc.
  4.  Review the new resident information provided by the state. Individuals and families moving to Michigan can benefit from the state’s New Resident website, which features information about fishing and hunting permits, insurance requirements, and other helpful advice.

If you’re considering moving to Michigan, make sure to take these tips into consideration! Also, please call our friendly Same Day Moving team for more information about moving your home, car, or other assets to your new location.